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Museum Quality Light
The pure minimalist encountering with precision optics,
Sprite X11 linear cabinet light makes it a unique museum cabinet wallwash lighting.
Highly uniform and transparent light color, makes the design and implementation of museum flat cabinet lighting very simple. Sprite X11 linear cabinet light is not only suitable for the flat display of large-scale plane exhibits, but also suitable for the display design of compact arrangement of multiple exhibits in flat cabinets.
Sprite X11 linear cabinet lights installation guidelines
Sprite X11 linear cabinet lights installation guidelines
Museum planar cabinet lighting
Sprite X11 linear cabinet light with its stand mounting is perfect for planar exhibits. The slim rod and shade casing is almost invisible in the showcase, and the shade casing is 360°freely adjustable for different lighting areas to realize uniform lighting and avoid light spill.
Museum wall-standing cabinet lighting
Sprite X11 linear cabinet light with its surface mounting is specialized for multiple paintings in wall-standing cabinets. The shade casing is helpful to realize zero-glare. Sprite X11 is best in the application for medium-high wall-standing cabinets to achieve uniform lighting and excellent viewing experience, and it can also serve as supplementary lighting for high wall-standing cabinet lights to achieve great wall-washing lighting effect.
Museum wall-hanging cabinet lighting
Wall-hanging or pentagonal cabinets are often seen in museum application. Sprite X11 linear cabinet light wall mounting method caters for the need of single-side light installation or double-side light installation to achieve wonderful lighting effect. Such means can also block the reflected glare out from the glass and helps to present excellent exhibition display effect.
Sprite X11 museum lighting projects
Museum of The Communist Party of China
The museum, covers a total of 147,044 square meters and is 50.50 meters high, records the course of the growth and development of the CPC and serves as a spiritual temple and education base to guide Chinese communists and most Chinese people to forge ahead.
Jiangxi Provincial Museum
Jiangxi Provincial Museum is a modern and intelligent museum, serving as a witness of the comprehensive power of Jiangxi Province. Its new building has a total of 6 floors, covering 86,000 square meters. The Museum has collected 34,000 items of collection unearthed at the various places of Jiangxi. The building has a set of display area, collection area, education area, cultural innovation products area, service area and so on.
Guangzhou Museum
Established in 1929, Guangzhou Museum is the earliest museum in the southern part of China. Till now, it has collected 130,000 items of cultural relics, archeological digs and modern art paintings through appropriation, purchase, donation, exchange, etc. Most of the collections are with local Guangzhou characteristics.
Shanxi Museum
The predecessor of Shanxi Museum was Shanxi Educational Book Museum founded in 1919. It has a history of 101 years. The museum covers an area of 52,000 square meters with an exhibition area of 13,000 square meters, and a collection storage area of 12,000 square meters. It currently has more than 500,000 pieces (sets) collections, including 40,282 pieces (sets) precious cultural relics.
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