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The exhibition "World Treasure - Afghan National Museum Precious Treasures" opened at Shenzhen Nanshan Museum
The exhibition "World Treasure - Afghan National Museum Precious Treasures" was opened at Shenzhen Nanshan Museum. The exhibition ushered in 231 pieces (sets) of precious cultural relics in the National Museum of Afghanistan. It contains gold treasures, glassware, bronze sculptures, ivory carvings and other treasures, recreating the colorful civilizations of Afghanistan from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD. The exhibition tour held at Shenzhen Nanshan Museum uses AKZU's Tracron 730 museum tracklight and Sprite X2 X3 cabinet lights.
China reform and opening up Shekou Museum open, AKZU lighting lead you review the path of China 40 years of reform and opening up
On 10th August, 2018, after the upgrade, the first museum in China with the theme of reform and opening up, the China Reform and Opening Shekou Museum, was officially opened to the public. The museum adopted AKZU Tracron 730 museum tracklight, reproducing the 40-year history of Shekou's reform and opening up and the glory days of Shekou's deepening reform in the "new era."
AKZU Tracron M3 wins the iF Design Award 2018 of Germany
The German iF Design Award, which is known as the “Oscar of Design”, recently unveiled the winners of the 2018 Design Awards. AKZU Tracron M3 tracklight designed for using in museums and art galleries with a height of less than 3 meters. Only 7.8 cm, wins the 2018 German IF Design Award for its perfect design and innovative technology.
AKZU participates in the 2nd China Museum Lighting and Intelligent Design Summit Forum
On 21st November, 2017, the 2nd China Museum Lighting and Intelligent Design Summit Forum was finished and got a complete success. Nearly 300 museum curators from all over the country, museum architects, display designers, lighting designers, museum lighting equipment suppliers and museum engineering professionals attend this forum, communicating and discussing the issues, causes and solutions of museum lighting in deep.As a well-known museum professional exhibition lighting equipment supplier, AKZU has supported the preparation and organization of this forum and actively participated in relevant research and discussion.
National stone carving treasure "Bing Di Lianhua" exhibit in Sichuan
On 29th September, the Brahma Dongtu and Tilianhua - 400-700 Indian and Chinese Sculpture Art Exhibition was jointly hosted by the Sichuan Museum, the Palace Museum and the National Museum of India together opened at the Sichuan Museum. The exhibition features 56 pieces of national treasures from nine museums in India, and 103 precious sculptures from more than 20 Chinese museums.In pursuit of perfect lighting effects, the special lighting system adopts AKZU Tracron M6 and M5 museum tracklights.  The color is pure and saturated, the light distribution is accurate, and the fainting is perfect. Under the combination of various lighting types, the texture of Buddha are vividly displayed.
Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution
On 22nd July, 2017, on the day of the 10th countdown of the People’s Army’s 90th birthday, the “Importantly Bringing the Glorious History to Create a Strong Army--The Theme Exhibition of Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Liberation Army” exhibition was officially launched and open to public. In this exhibition, more than 1,500 sets of AKZU Tracron M6 and Tracron 730 museuml track lights were being used, through the precise lighting design, the historical achievements of the Army in the past 90 years have been interpreted.
National Museum of China "Reviva Path" exhibition opened today, AKZU show you the new era
On 3rd July, 2018, the large-scale theme exhibition of the new era of the National Museum's “Revival Road”, “Don't Forget the Beginning of the Heart and Innovate the New Situation of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the Innovative Times”, officially opened to the public. The exhibition uses Tracron M6 tracklight, through the sophisticated lighting distribution, the exhibition deducted the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era.
The Road of Empires - Russian Art Exhibition in the 18th-19th Century
Burdening the responsibility of the continuous development of Shanxi's cultural and literary issue, Shanxi Museum keeps pace with the times and keeps making progress, and actively introduces exhibitions of museums in various foreign countries. In January 2017, the Shanxi Museum and the Russian National Museum of History collaborated together on an exhibition "The Road to the Empire - 18-19th Century Russian Art Exhibition". The exhibition selected 302 collections (groups) of precious collections from the 18th to the 19th centuries, showing Russia's 200 years of local customs and prevailing artistic style.
Shedding light on the Circular Economy
The Circular Economy is not a new idea. Before we lived in this consumer society where throwing things away is a vital part of the market strategy, it was the norm that all manner of things would be repaired and refurbished many times  before they were finally thrown away. The philosophical puzzle that is My Grandfather’s Spade comes from this other way of being.
Changsha Museum opened at 30th December
On 30th November, Changsha Museum opened in trial. On 30th December, it was officially opened. The basic exhibition plan of the new museum is based on major historical events, famous historical figures, and the development of the city. The cultural relics unearthed and collected in Changsha are used as carriers to fully display the cultural heritage of Changsha’s “Chuhan Famous City, Revolutionary Resort” and “Heart Worrying the world, dare to be the first person, the humanistic spirit and the "Shanshuizhou City". AKZU Tracron 730 was being used to bring the cultural relics alive.
ICOM Milano 2016
AKZU will attent the ICOM Milano 2016.
China (Beijing) International Lighting Exhibation and SSL Exhibation 2016 will be held on April 14-16, 2016
China (Beijing) International Lighting & SSL Exhibition (China Lighting Expo) is jointly organized by China Illuminating Engineering Society, China Solid State Lighting Alliance and Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Limited. China Lighting Expo has become the biggest Lighting Fair in Northern China. Following the success of last three years, China Lighting Expo has become the best platform for many exhibitors to tap the China market with its clear positioning and Beijing's unique resources.
Light + Building 2016 opened
About 2,500 exhibitors take part in Light + Building at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre and almost one in two of the over 210,000 visitors comes from outside Germany. The most important visitor target groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans, the distributive trades and industry.
Lumileds Strengthens Its Chip-On-Board Leadership Position With Launch Of Next Generation LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 3)
Achieving significant improvements in efficacy, the LUXEON Core Range (Gen 3) arrays provide the industry’s best CoB performance with efficacy reaching more than 160 lm/W.
LED business news: GE quits CFLs, Nichia and Everlight, Philips and WAC
In the latest LED business news, we round up a discontinuation announcement from GE Lighting, and new developments regarding IP battles involving Nichia and Everlight, and Philips Lighting and WAC.
Philips Lighting supplies Power-over-Ethernet LED lighting to Clemson
Philips Lighting has announced a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)-based LED lighting system in the new Watt Family Innovation Center at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. The solid-state lighting (SSL) project is projected to deliver 70% energy savings relative to similar buildings that have legacy lighting while also allowing network controls of the lighting and data gathering via sensors integrated in the luminaires.
Acuity, Microsoft to jointly show lighting-based IoT services for retail trade at New York confab
Indoor positioning using LEDs can help stores engage and sell to brick-and-mortar customers as if they were online.
LEDs top 20 stories of 2015: Readers make lamp and business stories most read
Based on popularity among readers on our website, LED-based tubes edged industry business interests across our annual top 20 list, while controls topics showed by a narrow length.
Philips Lighting delivers LED art/light panels, adds SSL partners (UPDATED)
LED panels can be integrated into various designs in the built environment, while new Philips partners add colorful relationships with Hue and additional connected lighting.
Three ways to light a boutique hotel
If you are asked to design the lighting for a hospitality area such as this and you are unsure how to do it, ask the architect and interior designer for help. Agreeing to what the finished result should look like is almost the hardest part of the design! This Design Clinic show what can be achieved with good quality, easily obtainable light fittings.
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