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AKZU specializes in research, development and manufacturing of museum track lights, recessed spotlights, recessed downlights, cabinet lights and DALI system, providing top grade lighting for museums, art galleries, hotels, and industries of fashion, jewelry, furniture and office, etc. We invite every one who is dedicated to high value lighting career to create a bright and beautiful future.
Job opportunities:
Lighting Designer
Education: - Minimum- BA in lighting design, architectural design or equivalent, 3 years above working experience in lighting design;
Effective oral, written and interpersonal communication ability in English;
Experience with graphics softwares, including Auto CAD, 3Dmax, Photoshop, etc.;
Experience with illuminance calculation softwares, including Dialux, AGE32, etc.;
Knowledge on lighting and luminaires technology, and capability on effective use of them;
Experience and case on independent design or leading design;
Active working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, strong executive ability, can work under pressure, good team cooperation spirit.
Marketing Engineer
Education: - Minimum- BA, age between 25-35, 3 years or above working experience in marketing;
Good command of knowledge on performance, functions and application of LED luminaires and engineering lamps;
Good command of knowledge on lighting and electronics technology;
Good ability of planning, development, organizing, coordination, and problem solving skills;
Strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation spirit;
Marketing experience in lighting project, decoration project or lighting design is prior.

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